Let us introduce ourselves. Two generations, one unique tradition.

The Company L. Duccetti  has produced and traded in the textile field for over  40 years.

Founded in Larciano in 1972,  it was initially specialized in the production of soft toys for children but in  the 90’s it moved its interest toward the production of accessories for the “pets” world.

In 2004 it created the trademark The Zazu dedicated specifically to the pets sector which has opened new paths in the development of design and in  the production of different types of soft baskets and beds for dogs and cats. With the  new brand the company has allowed  recognition in European market and overseas.

Basket Production. A trip through research, style and quality

The company carries out the whole production process of baskets, beds, cushions for pets both indoor and outdoor use and it is specialized in the production of articles which are unique for their design.

The production process involves different steps: initial project of the basket, planning and development of the models, selection of materials, production and  quality control of the articles.

The driving force of the process, in every phase, is the research of the quality.

The product. Expression of the made in Italy

Let’s enter the world of The Zazu. The look of the products, the tastefulness are tantamount to: “I am the made in Italy”. Our collections represent a style made of quality. Every collection strives to fit modern or classical tastes, to be comfortable, to be technical or to have a particular design,  with the unique purpose of producing soft and cozy baskets for our pets.

Every product is designed for them.

Every article is produced thinking about our four-legged friends.

Leitmotif is the fondness for them.

Every product is the result of this simple thought

To you, dear four-legged friend
To you, who are snoring
To you, purring skillfully
To you, who are part of my life
To you, looking at me with love